App Development

Web Development

Our team will be with you every step of the way to develop a top-notch, innovative mobile app that is scalable, secure, and intuitive.

Mobile App Development

Building a native app allows us to take advantage of all the capabilities of a mobile device. It let’s us create complex functionality without compromising the user experience. These characteristics are critical for a successful application. We use Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android, with a focus on performance and clean code.

  • iOS Native App Development
  • Android Native App Development
  • React Native Cross Platform App Development
  • Product Architecture
  • Agile Project planning

UX/UI Design

We design products that solve specific user needs. Our design team works closely with you to get an in-depth perspective of your user’s needs and how we can address those issues through your application.

  • Wireframing & Prototyping
  • Design explorations
  • Full UI design creation
  • Identity & App Icons
  • Graphic assets for app stores

Product Testing & QA

Software testing is a key component of software product development because it improves consistency and performance. Our team will be with you from beta to production, our specialists will ensure that the maximum amount of bugs will be caught and addressed before public release.

  • Manual & Automated Testing
  • Crash Analytics
  • Usability testing
  • Debugging and Error correction
  • Ongoing Assistance
Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain Solutions

Our blockchain solutions are a major service in Latin America to help our development partners and fellow blockchain projects better implement fintech and blockchain technologies.

Turnkey Blockchain Development

ChainZilla offers full-service blockchain development and pragmatic blockchain solutions. Our team will create a tailored blockchain, token, or smart contract to fit your project’s needs.

  • Custom blockchain token or cryptocurrency
  • A wallet interface to send and receive funds
  • A web interface to navigate your transactions
  • Listing on an exchange on
  • Custom and whitelabel mobile wallet

Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts are automated digital contracts that are self-executing and highly secure. We will develop a self-executing digital contract to automate processes, transactions and agreements, helping to reduce costs, and increase transparency.

  • Digital smart contract architecture
  • Smart contract design and development
  • Smart contract auditing
  • Smart contract optimization
  • Build decentralized applications (dapp)

Custom Blockchain Solutions

ChainZilla works side-by-side with trail-blazers in the blockchain space. We develop, maintain and evaluate blockchain and cryptocurrency related products and web services. Additionally, we provide long-term assistance and advice on technological and operational matters for our partners worldwide.

  • Initial coin offering (ICO) and initial exchange offering (IEO) strategy
  • Tokenize securities or real world assets
  • Launch a cryptocurrency exchange
  • Custodial and non-custodial cryptocurrency services
  • Fiat on and off ramps
Consulting services

Fintech and Blockchain Consultants

Our company offers consulting for tech startups, SMEs, and entrepreneurs.


We offer creative solutions that have helped many of companies develop and execute winning strategies that create more value in their business.

  • Achieve consistent, long-term growth
  • Make key decisions on where to play and how to win
  • Develop digital strategies that deliver
  • Leverage the power of proven tools and techniques
  • Optimize your business use case with blockchain
  • Strategic employment of blockchain and financial technology
  • We offer in-house and external training, seminars, and workshops
  • Our partner network provides unique access to the results cutting-edge research


ChainZilla consultants help you transform your operations by taking a holistic view that connects operations to strategy, transcends siloes, and focuses on the opportunities that will create the greatest value.

  • Transform your supply chain into a strategic weapon
  • Realize savings across all spend categories
  • Optimize internal processes
  • Embrace digital technologies such as blockchain and fintech
  • Deliver superior customer service
  • Innovate rapidly
  • Invest wisely
  • Remain complaint

Customer Strategy & Marketing

We help you achieve organic, profitable growth by focusing on three critical building blocks: an outside-in approach that puts customers first, a differentiated customer experience and internal capabilities that ensure you deliver optimal customer interactions at every touchpoint.

  • Understand your customer’s needs and behaviours
  • Help executives deliver superior results
  • Break down barriers to innovation
  • Identify quick, targeted tailored solutions
  • Create a great customer experience
  • Nurture brand promoters

Technology Stack

ChainZilla is proudly built on

Blockchain Stack

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