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Your private keys are stored on your device and protected with many layers of security.



Full support for 99% of all digital assets on multiple protocols including Ethereum, Komodo, NEM, Qtum, Waves, and much more.



Our wallet supports the leading cryptocurrencies, tokens, and fiat integrations.


Payment Features

With the support of our partners, users will be able to spend their virtual currencies on gift cards, phone top-ups, and bill payments.


Decentralized Exchange

Chameleon Pay will implement Komodo’s BarterDEX technology to facilitate decentralized trading.


Fiat on/off ramp

Buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Latin America directly with your bank account.

Chameleon Pay

The Best Mobile Wallet for All Virtual Currencies

A Truly Universal Wallet

Chameleon Pay is an easy to use application that works with 99% of all virtual currencies that area available on the market. Chameleon supports tokens and blockchains on Ethereum, Qtum, NEM, Komodo, Waves, and much more.

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Intuitive Interface

Chameleon providers users with an easy to manage wallet that can be used to store and spend most of the virtual currencies available. It was designed to be simple to understand, and easy to use. The design is modular which means we can expand the wallet with tons of features and utilities.

Secure and Non-Custodial

We care about your security and your privacy. Chameleon Pay gives you total control and provides a serverless environment which means your information isn’t stored by third parties.

List of currently supported blockchains and coins on Chameleon Pay